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at prep.


1. ʾ¡ӵ~()ù~磺

at cards at work ڹ at war ڽ

at lunch ڳ at table ڳ at school n

at the desk x at the telephone ڴԒ

2. ʾԭ顰򡭡 磺

He was pleased at the news.  Ϣܸd

He was surprised at what she said.  Ԓܳ@

3. ʾijĻؑСһ֮͡磺

At a sign from him, I went over. һʾҾ^ȥ

4. ʾrٶ~̶ȵ磺

I bought the necktie at (the price of) 10 dollars each. ÿl10Ԫ(ăr)I@ЩI

He was driving at 70 mph. rÿСr70Ӣٶ{

We are flying at 16500 feet. ҂16500Ӣߵĸ߿w

5. ʾĿĻĿijЩat ^ϵIJѺζ(^ý~ to )^

a. The dog came at me. ғ(⼴ҧ)

The dog came to me. ^(oҧ֮)

b. He threw the ball at me. ҁ()

He threw the ball to me. 򒁽o(o֮)

c. He shouted at me. Һ(Ӗ)

He shouted to me. Ҵ•(oӖ֮)

עʾĿ˕rat ֻʾО鱾ʾОĽY^

He shot at the bird, but missed. Bδ

He shot the bird. ֻB

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